An array of NEO·GEO timepieces to make sure you're never late! Batteries possibly not included...

NEO·GEO Alarm clocks
NEO·GEO Wristwatches
NEO·GEO Calendars
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Before you could program the boot-up theme as your wake-up call, you might have had any of these on your night table.

Final Romance 2 alarm clock. This was actually an NFS item and I can't really remember how one went about procuring it. It included the box, clock, instruction sheet and some kind of note from Video System. The perceptive amongst you will have noted the annoyingly bad design: without something to prop it up, it lies flat on its back, covering the speaker and muffling the alarm sound... The screw hole at the top is deep enough to be used to hang it if you don't mind a spot of drilling, or you can merely rest it on whatever item you won't very often use, but either way you slice it, it's annoying. Does this even truly belong here? Who cares; it's staying!
Samurai Shodown Ⅲ Hisame Shizumaru and Rimururu alarm clocks. Each included box, clock and instruction sheet (I just don't have them) and had a standard ring.
The King of Fighters '96 Athena Asamiya, Iori Yagami and Kyo Kusanagi alarm clocks. Each included box, clock and instruction sheet and had a standard ring. While I'm no longer 100% sure I think they all originally came with the clock in the pictured plastic bag.
Samurai Shodown RPG Nakoruru voice alarm clock. This was advertized on the spinecard of the NCD original SSRPG, and is another NFS item. Gamers had to send in the coupon from said spinecard and there were 2000 available, though I don't know if it they were raffled out or if it was first-come, first-served. Here a single battery is required for the clock and two more for Nakoruru's voice actress to wake you up with some Japanese sentence. I owned this many years ago and forget what exactly she says, so perhaps one of you kind folk in the internet kingdom can help out. The dial can rotate forwards and backward but does not detach from the stand.
The King of Fighters '97 Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami alarm clocks. Each included box and clock. These are a bit unusual in that they each have a circular face which rotates off to reveal the clockface. Instructions seem to have been on the back of the box. No idea what the ring is like.
The King of Fighters '98 Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami voice alarm clocks. Included box and bubblewrapped clock. As each is a voice alarm clock each one's respective voice actor shouts a character-oriented phrase in Japanese instead of a standard ring. The dial can rotate forwards and backward but does not detach from the stand. Just as with the Nakoruru voice alarm above, a total of 3 AA batteries are required.
How many of you still wear them? At least these were genuinely useful back around the time of their release.
Fatal Fury Special watch. Digital wristwatch which came in the packaging pictured. Was it for sale or NFS? I have no idea.
The King of Fighters '96 watch. Looking at the box, I'm sure there are more, as it reads "NEOGEO WATCH SELETION".
Samurai Shodown (?) watch. I can't remember anymore which game this is from, even though Samurai Shodown Ⅲ comes to mind. Regardless of its origin, you can see the SNK logo on it.
SSC The King of Fighters '98 Kyo watch. For a game watch, it's classy, stylish and even water-resistant!
We could have done with more of these earlier on in the NG's lifecycle but hey, they're still nice. Shame though that we never got many full-size calendars.
SNK 1996 calendar. Based off The King of Fighters '95 it seems although I don't know if it was actually marketed as a KOF '95 calendar or not.
'97 Samurai World calendar. Populated with characters from Samurai Shodown Ⅳ.
The King of Fighters '97 1998-1999 calendar. Tremendous points for innovation. This is one of my favourite objects of all that I have ever owned.
The King of Fighters 1999 SNK official calendar. I don't know anything about this one.
Dramatic SNK 1999 calendar. This came two ways: It was sold as what appears to be a full-size calendar, and it was also packaged with the Limited Edition NCD version of KoF'98. Those are by the way 6 separate, double-sided cards.
NEO·GEO Pocket 1999 calendar. This is 6 separate calendar cards and I no longer have any idea what (if anything) is on the reverse side.
Samurai Spirits 2 Asra Zanmaden 1999 SNK Official Calendar. Don't know how this was sold or what that black card is in the second picture. This is 6 separate, double-sided calendar cards.
2000 SNK calendar. It appears that it's a single card, double-sided with fold-out flaps. I know nothing else about this one.
2001 Athena calendar. This was a first-press bonus with the SNK Original Best CD released by Pony Canyon in 2001. No clue what the other months' cards are like.
2006 KOF Maximum Impact calendar. Full size, but still only one image every two months.
2006 KOF Generation calendar. Seems to be a first here: a poster/calendar. Size? Decent, by the looks of it.
2008 SNK Playmore Official Calendar. Oh how the times change.
SNK Playmore 2012 Official Calendar. Presumably the cover graphics represent 5 of the 6 (or 12?) pages. Your input is welcome here!
SNK Playmore 2014 Official Calendar. A backwards calendar? It's SNKP so why not.