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SNK and NEO·GEO Toys & Games
This page is dedicated to other types of toys and games with some relation to the Neo or SNK, but excluding action figures which have their own page.

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SSC membership card. Let's face it: you need one of these before going any further. Obviously these came packaged as you see above, stuck into that red sheet of Kyo paper, and I have no idea how else they might have been sent to members. Now if you haven't got one of those, you will want one of these:
SSC membership application. Remove the bottom portion of the front page and mail it away to become a member of the SNK Supporters Club!
The SSC waist bag/pouch/fanny pack/call it whatever you want. See blow for size comparison
Not much to say but I like that it comes with a cord and belt clip: Useful against pickpockets!
King of Fighters Round-1 clear file. It's actually clear in colour —note the brown cardboard/paper behind it.
King of Fighters Round-1 pen case. Some assembly required. Made of semi-hard plastic.
King of Fighters Round-1 pen stand. Some assembly required. Made of semi-hard plastic.
SSC organizer. Well, it's a standard organizer. Originally it included a pencil (you can see the bottom of it in the first image) although I can't remember the design. I do remember the calculator being a bit rubbish though, and the white box is rather weak and flimsy. Still, it's neat to own (or to have owned, in my case).
K' pencil crayons. SNK suprises us all again!
SSC The King of Fighters '98 Kyo watch. For a game watch, it's classy, stylish and even water-resistant!