Welcome to The Study, where you assiduous folk can churn out your best work and brightest creativity, with the help of SNK and the NEO·GEO! So this is a collection of stationery of all description: pencils, pens, pencil crayons, cases, holders, notebooks, notepads, stamps, erasers, file folders, organizers, mouse pads and so forth.

NEO·GEO Pens, Pencils and Erasers
NEO·GEO Pencil Cases
NEO·GEO Pencil Boards
NEO·GEO Clear Files
NEO·GEO Hand Fans
NEO·GEO Mouse Pads
Other NEO·GEO Stationery

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Please feel free to contribute any images you can! If possible, please include a photo of the box (or boxed item if it makes a difference) and full contents, with as many other relevant pictures as you feel like taking!
DISCLAIMER: These items are NOT for sale, this page is a museum, hence my accepting submissions.

Writing Instruments and Erasers

Art of Fighting Pencils and Erasers. So in fact it's an AOF eraser by SEGA, possibly from the same TV Game Heroes line as the pencil boards but I can't say for sure; an AOF2 Mr Big mechanical pencil (origin unknown) and even a case for lead -okay graphite- refills.
Fatal Fury Special Pencils and Pens. Here we have an FFS mechanical pencil with ... wait for it ... Terry, Andy and Joe (!). We also have some FFS (ballpoint?) pens, which seem to have come in that cardboard box pictured, 3 to the box, and 15 different pens in total, which means they didn't bother with one for the secret boss! Phooey! At least you can get some rather more unusual characters like Lawrence Blood, Duck King and Jubei Yamada on your merchandise. Kim Kaphwan too. I have no idea what colour the ink writes (by now probably used to write).
Magical Drop Pencils. This was actually a rather nice 12-colour set based off Magical Drop III and yes they came pre-sharpened.
Samurai Shodown Pencils. Original Samurai Shodown mechanical pencil. Mine came with the metal pencil case below although I don't know if they were originally bundled or not.
The King of Fighters Pencils. K' pencil crayons, which if I'm not mistaken are actually based off KOF '99.

Pencil Cases

Art of Fighting 1 and 2 Pencils Cases. First a plastic then a metal pencil case with detachable tray by SEGA (from the TV Game Heroes line) and finally another plastic case, this time for AOF2 by Gamest.
Fatal Fury Special Pencils Cases. A Fatal Fury Special metal pencil case with detachable tray which looks like it was direct from SNK. This game really was seismic for SNK at the time.
Samurai Shodown Pencils Cases. It's Samurai Shodown's turn! A very nice double-sided vertical pencil case and a metal pencil case with detachable tray, at least the latter of which is from Gamest.
World Heroes Pencils Cases. Bet you didn't expect this one! Based off World Heroes 2 Jet, it looks to be a clear, hard plastic case.
SNK Supporters Club Pencil Cases. King of Fighters Round-1 pen caseand pen stand. Some assembly required. Both made of semi-hard plastic.

Pencil Boards

Art of Fighting 1 and 2 Pencil Boards. All double-sided as shown. 3 of these boards were produced by SEGA as part of its TV Game Heroes line of merchandise. The first AOF2 one shown (King of the Fighters) is from Gamest and the second (King of the Fighters) is of origins unknown to me. The last board is from the Super Famicom port.
Fatal Fury 2 and 3 Pencil Boards. I don't know about the FF2 poster art one but the other two are double-sided as shown. Given that Joe Higashi has his own board, it's a safe assumption that at a minimum Terry and Andy each have their own as well. All the FF2 boards are from Gamest. The FF3 board seems to be from SNK.
Battle Fighters Garou Densetsu 2 Pencil Boards. Based off the second Fatal Fury anime OAV. Double-sided as shown. As usual the Legendary Trio of Terry, Andy and Joe have their own board; who knows about Mai.
The Motion Picture Garou Densetsu Pencil Boards. Based off the full-length Fatal Fury movie. Double-sided as shown. Features Terry and Andy Bogard, Joe Higashi and Mai Shiranui.
Samurai Shodown Pencil Boards. The first board is from Gamest. It looks like the Nakoruru and Charlotte boards are both based off the original game but I would like to have that confirmed. Either way, they both evidently belong to the same series so the Charlotte board must be double-sided as well. The Samurai Spirits 2 Asura Zanmaden board is in fact based off the anime OVA and not the game itself. Last but not least, a Samurai Shodown RPG pencil board.
The King of Fighters Pencil Boards. Starring the King of Fighters '95 and '97. Should there be more in this section?
The Last Blade Pencil Boards. Interesting that for a change it's all in English! Made by Movic.

Clear Files

The King of Fighters Clear Files. File folders I believe we call them, made of thin, flexible, translucent plastic. These three are based off KOF '95, '98 and The King of Fighters R-1. There are probably more KOF '95 ones.
Magical Drop Clear Files. Both the first two are based off the Magical Drop series in general. Close observers of the first photo will note that the design can eventually wear off. The last one is Magical Drop III-specific.
Samurai Shodown Clear Files. The first one is based off the original Samurai Spirits and doesn't seem to indicate which company made it. The second comes from the SSRPG.
World Heroes Clear Files. It's a World Heroes Perfect clear file of unknown origin. Not sure what else to say.
Other NEO·GEO and SNK Clear Files. The NG logo file is from who knows when and the Game's Day is in commemoration of the 23 Nov., 2000 multi-company event.

Hand Fans

The King of Fighters Hand Fans. The first one is from KoF '97 and don't ask me now what's written in the bottom-left area. The second is from KoF '98 more obviously with a fun role reversal.
Samurai Shodown Hand Fans. Actually what I grew up calling a "Japanese fan." The craftsmanship that went into this is honestly astonishing. It's worth a good few bob purely on those merits.
Magical Drop Hand Fans. The first one is based off the MVS original and the second one obviously off the PlayStation port.

Mouse Pads

The King of Fighters Mouse Pads. For the KOF '95 mouse pads there should be one for every team, including as you can see the bosses. The KOF '96 one is actually from The King of Fighters '96 Perfect File, and the KOF XII mouse pad is from the PS port.
Samurai Shodown Mouse Pads. Nakoruru & Rimururu, from SS III. Thank Gamest for this.


Fatal Fury 2 Drawstring Bags. These soft sacs are great to own and are a reasonable size. Up to now I have only seen them in blue, orange, pink, red and yellow, and only for Terry, Andy, Joe and Mai.
Other NEO·GEO Drawstring Bags. The most famous logo in gaming and Fatal Fury Special + Fatal Fury 3 drawstring bags. It must have been great to have lived in Japan in the 90's, eh?, economic downturn aside. Each of them looks to be quite a good size and made of better-than-usual plastic.
NEO·GEO Plastic Bags. The red bag is from Neo Geo Land Esaka and the yellow bag is from Neo Geo Land Kyoto. That's as much as I know about them. The Neo Geo Bowl bag is obviously from one of the NG bowl-a-ramas and finally one to promote The King of Fighters '98.


Samurai Shodown Books. The first one (by Movic) is a notebook based off the original game; then Ukyo- and Nakoruru-themed blank notebooks/sketchbooks also based off the original and the last is a lined, designed writing pad; the last two being from Gamest (unknown origin for the Ukyo book).

Other Stuff

Calculators. A Fatal Fury Special Calculator! There doesn't seem to be much that wasn't made in the early 90's. This one is from Takara. I guess with no mega genius character to base one off, we don't have a scientific calculator with which to replace your Texas Instruments one.
Stamps and Letter Openers. Thanks to Movic we have a King of Fighters '97 stamp set of the God's Calibre Team of Kyo, Chizuru and Iori. The KoF '99 letter opener is one from a whole (official) series which was released in Hong Kong.
Card Cases. These King of Fighters NeoWave card cases look by their rounded corners to be suited for the Weiss Schwarz cards, or even telephone cards, playing cards or other, earlier ones like the prism cards.