Here we have a collection of NEO·GEO drinking vessels and all distant relatives thereof. While this is mostly teacups right now, those of you old enough will recall some beautiful glassware from years gone by, which hopefully can be contributed to the site. In short then, for now, it's NEO·GEO cups, mugs, glasses, tumblers and anything else about drinkware. Bottoms up!

Please feel free to contribute any images you can! If possible, please include a photo of the box (or boxed item if it makes a difference) and full contents, with as many sides as are decorated.
DISCLAIMER: These items are NOT for sale, this page is a museum, hence my accepting submissions.
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Fatal Fury Special Mai Shiranui Mug. Supposedly from Fatal Fury Special, which I have not been able to verify or discount.
World Heroes 2 Mug. Hanzou & Fuuma here, courtesy of Gamest.
Nakoruru & Rimururu Samurai Showodn IV Mugs. Aoi Nanase did some illustrations for SNK in the mid-90's and these particular ones have been commemorated on the above mugs.
Magical Drop Fool's Cat Mug. Even though to be honest I can't clearly read the copyright year, it doesn't look to me like it ends in a "5", so I propose that this is an NG-era mug.
The King of Fighters '97 Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami Mugs. Sold individually.
The King of Fighters Kyo and Iori Mug Cup Set. No I didn't come up with that convoluted title myself. Sold as a set, and clearly based off KOF 98. Towards the end of the 90's SNK began packing their drinkware more in sets. I think that practice started with The Last Blade glass set and mugs. You are welcome to confirm or deny that.
The King of Fighters '98 Thermal Warmers. For those who prefer not drinking out of fine bone china, keep your large drink warm with one of these. They look more apt to sheath a Thermos, but then that would have its own insulation, so I don't know. Not having owned them I'm clearly guessing size.
The King of Fighters Kyo and Iori Mugs. I have now forgotten the year these were made. Might have been based off KOF '98 or possibly one of the NGP KOF games. Either way, in spite of being slightly on the small side this set is incredibly impressive in real life.
Garou: Mark of the Wolves Mugs. Featuring Rock Howard, Terry Bogard, Marco Rodriguez (aka Khushnood Butt), B. Jenet, Kim Jae Hoon & Kim Dong Hwan, and Hotaru. These were sold individually and each came packaged in the same yellow box seen above with a bit of styrofoam inside. Each mug bears the MOTW winged logo on its reverse side, and every one of them reeks of awesomeness!
NEO·GEO Tumbler. This was brought to us as part of the 20th anniversary line of merchandise which you can find elsewhere on the site. The second picture is simply the design laid out in full.