Elsewhere on the site you will have seen mention of these "privilege extra" telephone cards distributed by Sofmap, Messe Sanoh and IC, given away with the purchase of particular Japanese NEO·GEO homecarts to some customers who pre-ordered the relevant games. Sofmap is a major Japanese electronics retailer which is well-known for its modern as well as retro game sections at select locations. Word has it that the manager could dole these cards out to customers as he saw fit; in other words, to those who he considered as the real Neo Freaks. I tended not to be in Japan when new games were being released and even then didn't necessarily pre-order with Sofmap so I can't comment.

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NEO·GEO Privilege Extra Telephone Cards
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Sofmap Sofmap Type-1 Sofmap Type-2 Messe Sanoh
Sofmap Sofmap Messe Sanoh
Unknown #1 Unknown #2
Sofmap Messe Sanoh
Sofmap Messe Sanoh IC
Sofmap Type-1 Sofmap Type-2 Sofmap Messe Sanoh
Sofmap Sofmap Sofmap Messe Sanoh
Sofmap Messe Sanoh Sofmap