The King of Fighters became known, particularly in its earlier days, as well as for other great features for its extra endings using special combinations of characters. But which ones? Well, that's what you're here for.

God's Calibre Team¹ Goenitz Team¹
Kyo, Iori, Kagura Goenitz + any two except Kagura

God's Calibre Team SNK Successive Hero Team Semi-Hero Team '94 Female Fighters Team Old Team² NEO·GEO FREAK Team² GAMEST Team² Famitsuu Team²
Kyo, Iori, Kagura Kyo, Terry, Ryo Joe, Benimaru, Kim Yuri, Mai, King Ralf, Clark, Athena Kyo, Billy, Mai Terry, Mary, Joe Yamazaki, Chang, Choi

God's Calibre Team Hero Team No.2 Team No.3 Team Shingo Team Rugal Team Rapid Tap Team Baseball Team
Kyo, Iori, Kagura Kyo, Terry, Ryo Benimaru, Andy, Robert Joe, Yuri, Daimon Shingo, Kyo, Iori Rugal, Vice, Mature Joe, Billy, Chang Mary, Ralf, Lucky
Father Team Orochinagi Team Sakazaki Family Team Teen Team Female Orochi Team Kusanagi-Style Fighting Team Ugly Team Sexy Team
Kim, Saisyu, Takuma Saisyu, Chris, Kyo Takuma, Ryo, Yuri Kensou, Chris, Shingo Vice, Mature, Shermie Kyo, Shingo, Saisyu Robert, Kensou, Choi Chin, Chang, Choi
Male Orochi Team Fake Hero Team New Ikari Team New Heroine Team Other Members Team Cap Team Destructive Power Team April 8th Birthday Team
Chris, Yamazaki, Yashiro Shingo, Benimaru, Goro Heidern, Ralf, Leona Yuri, Mai, Athena Any 3 not forming a "labelled" team Terry, Lucky, Clark Ralf, Chang, Brian Shingo, Mature, King

New-Old KOF Team Whip & Her Underlings Team Human Self-Bomb Team Beautiful Hair Team Child Team Masters Team
K', Shingo, Kyo, Iori Whip, Benimaru, Kyo, Iori Maxima, Bao, Ralf, Chang Benimaru, Andy, Jhun, Chang Xiang Fei, Kensou, Shingo, Bao Takuma, Kim, Jhun, Chin
Hat Team All Fatal Fury Team Short (Hair)Cut Team Bellybutton Flashers Team Shingo Parcely Team All Art of Fighting Team
Terry, Clark, Choi, Pao Any four of Mai, Kim, Terry, Mary, Andy and Joe King, Mary, Whip, Athena Benimaru, Leona, Athena, Mary Shingo, Kyo, Kyo-1, Kyo-2 Any four of Ryo, King, Takuma, Kasumi, Yuri and Robert

Kyo & Iori Team Kula Team
Kyo, Iori and any two except Kula Kula and any three except both Kyo & Iori

¹ NEO CD, Saturn & PlayStation only. *Unconfirmed on PS2*
² Japanese system BIOS required.

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