Details of how the games unfold, courtesy of some 1997 issue of NEO?GEO FREAK along with personal discovery.

-Hidden Characters
In Magical Drop Ⅱ, highlight each character from their lowest to highest tarot number always hitting down afterwards. That is, highlight The Fool, hit down. Then The Magician, hit down...

When you get through everyone The Devil, The Strength and The Empress will all be unlocked.

-The Black Clown
If you're out for a match against The Black Clown, no codes are required. What it takes is skill. Get a perfect run through the game and you will square off against this hidden boss.

-Hidden Characters
At the character select screen in Magical Drop 3, highlight any character (except World). When the timer matches the number above them, hit "C" thrice. Ex. Highlight Justice and when the timer is on 11, hit the "C" button 3 times and only 3 times -no more no less. For returning characters, notice that the numbers do match their MD2 tarot numbers. Now demolish opponents with Hermit, Moon, Hanged Man, Temperance, Tower and Fortune.

For father Strength, hold "C" then choose young Strength with the A or B button.

-Selecting Colours
Selecting a character with the A button will result in player-1 colours, and player-2 colours for all computer opponents. Selecting with the B button will have the opposite effect.

-The Secret Stages
Moon, Hanged Man and Black Pierrot are all secret characters, thus combatting any of the three entails getting to secret stages.

To do battle with Moon, you must defeat your first six opponents (Devil, Lovers, Justice, Star, Fool, Hermit) in less than 60 seconds total.

For the rare opportunity to face Hanged Man, at least 300 seconds must have elapsed over your previous six wins (Devil, Justice, Emperor, Fool/Chariot, Death, Hermit).

If you have been playing more than 30 seconds but less than 300 seconds after Hermit's defeat, you will simply move on to Judgement/Magician.

Finally, to joust with Black Pierrot (ie. to lose) you must have a score of at least 150,000 points after your tenth match (Strength/World/Empress). View the chart below to see when you would face this terror, or if you're lucky, when you would skip him.

-The Character Order
Everyone begins at Devil. Every lefthand arrow is the path you follow if you take 40 seconds or more to fell your opponent. Win in under 40 seconds and you follow the righthand arrow. Straight arrows are pretty obvious I think.