-After killing the first few Arabs wait at the left side of the screen instead of walking right, past the first building. Another 4 or 5 will come one by one. Allow them to approach you as close as they will, then kill them.

-Before you get to the palm trees but after the above, again wait on the left side of the screen for more Arabs and more points. Look at the potential score this early in the mission.

-Stand below the large palm tree (past the first building) and shoot up to release a bunch of 10 point bananas and the hostages for 100 and 30000 points.

-Next, after acquiring the Camel Slug on the higher-up platform a couple buildings over try to release the 30,000 point gem from the second Arab.  Sometimes you will receive but an apple.

-When the helicopters arrive, shoot and destroy the red helicopter first.  The chain reaction of explosions will earn you mega points (10K, 20K...50K).

-Completely destroy both engines of the plane for 10000 and 50000 points.  Order of destruction is irrelevant. Mind that you are hitting the engines and not the plane itself.

-Wait until the counter reaches at least 48 before killing the boss to gain another P.O.W.

-Now, scores like this are easily attainable:


-At the start of the stage shoot the right eye of the Sphynx.  This is for 30,000 points.  Or a paltry bonus of 100 pts.  It depends.

-Move quickly to the extreme right, knife your attackers and jump onto the barrel.  Facing right, jump up and fire the shotgun at the peak of your jump once each time to release 2 hostages.  This ONLY works with the shotgun.
You can also do the same by throwing a grenade, but you must not be close to the wall.
The shotgun method credits you with two hostages for the first rescued while the grenade method credits you with the standard one.

-When walking down into the tomb knife or shoot the bats for extra points.

-Instead of leaving all the miners behind stand around and they will mine you some gems.

-After the first miner's prize kill some more bats.

-At the top of the scaffolding with the entrance door, as opposed to the earlier "tower," jump, shoot up and a hostage drops down.  You must be far to the right, under the square black & yellow warning sign.

-Shoot or knife the oncoming barrage of bats again for extra points.

-Moving rightwards, after killing the mummies enter the little cave entrance and knife a P.O.W. free.

-On the higher platform, see that sphynx fading into the background?   Shoot it's left eye for what is either 100 or 30,000 points.

-For bonus points duck and knife the mummies instead of shooting them.  Ducking avoids their breath and allows for rapid-fire knifing, unlike standing.

-Once outside you must know to greet Rumi Aikawa for points and the typical big bonus later.

-Arrive at the "mummy tower", shoot the "sign" on the column wall directly right of the arrow sign for a little something extra.

-After killing the mummy above, drop down to knife that zombified explorer and collect the 50,000 point gem.  This message will self-destruct in 3 seconds.

-There is another rogue archeologist in a bad place.  Allow him to be mummified then kill him for a 30000 point gem.  Once in a while, only 100.

-A couple platforms up, where the boulders fall, be quick and try to get that white monkey/treasure box for what can be another 30K pts.  Mind you it can be only 1000.

-Much like that treasure chest between the gas fountains, which can also be 30K or only 1000.

-Left of this area are 4 platforms.  Jump onto the first, then the second, small jump onto the obscure third (below) and from the edge of the platform take a leap of faith right, onto the blocks.  Eastward of you lie 2 treasure chests with variable contents that are usually very rich scoring and further right still, on the jackal heads, lies something else.

-Jump from the very end of the platform onto the Jackal head.  Shoot the chest.  A magic lamp will appear.  Count the number of times the mist emerges from the lamp and note how the first puff of gas occurs right after the lamp is freed.  After the sixth the genie will appear.  Allow a brief moment then leap to collect the coins which his body metamorphosed into.  The secret of the coins in general is to bag many in succession, ie. in one jump.  They add up cumulatively in this manner.  There is another lamp above the same jackal for which you must repeat the procedure:  Jump onto the second (right) jackal head and shoot up (jump if you must).  IMMEDIATELY hurdle back over to the other and wait for the genie (careful here, it's easy to miscalculate your jump in haste and die, as you can see I did).  Once again, 6 puffs of smoke, and note how the first one appears while the lamp is falling. If you are reduced to your handgun, it takes 10 shots to release it.  Should you catch the genie or the lamp itself either is worth only 10 points whereas tens of thousands can be attained through the collection of coins.

-On the final, highest horizontal platform, there is again a "sign" on the column.  Shoot this 10 times for 9 cheap gems and a rewarding 30,000 as dessert.  No surprise by now, the final gem can be only 100 as well.

-The final chest seems to have a higher probability of containing a 30000 point bonus if you had been previously mummified, but that remains speculation on my part.


-Jump up and shoot down to kill the soldier on the lawn chair for extra points.  Do the same to the barbeque to his right.

-For maximum points wait for all the soldiers from each coach to present themselves, climb atop the coaches and be knifed by a score-attack maniac such as yourself.  There are plenty in those cars.

-Shoot through the roofs of both cars for extra points.

-Shoot the funnel of the locomotive for 3 hostages:  grenades, 300 (?) and 50000 points.

-Jump from the loco to the next train at roughly maximum distance for another 50,000 points.


-Shoot to bits every store for food bonuses and therefore points.

-Destroy the store beside the P.O.W. to create a jumping platform.

-After destroying the London bus walk slowly right for extra ammo, jump as far right as possible, then walk slowly left for more ammo. Imprudence here can lead to ammo, rocket launcher, ammo, instead of an extra 400 heavy machine gun bullets.

-Blow up the fence as you are walking along the bottom for extra points.  When you get to the second boat, duck when standing next to it to avoid the soldiers' rockets.

-Once in the Metal Slug every house as well as every land obstacle -wooden walkways, rocks, roofs, etc. can be destroyed for extra points.


-Blast the first car while standing on it.  Jump straight up at the height of the car's explosive ascent for a bonus.

-Repeat this process for the 3rd motorcar.

-Further along, where the first heli intrudes, destroy the car in the middle of the scroll-locked screen and collect the heavy machine gun high in the air.

-Close to the end of the car/soldier mayhem area the procedure can be repeated again for a rocket launcher up above.  To avoid being chopped by leaping knife-infantry simply duck and knife them to death when they are in range.

-Shoot the tree for some apples.

-Move down the ramp only marginally. Jump and shoot above the entrance to the subway tunnel for 3 more hostages: heavy machine gun, cooked chicken & 50,000 points.

-After destroying the tank and before passing through the tunnel entrance, shoot the top of the entrance to find a hostage carrying bombs.

-Inside the subway tunnel there is a hostage by the #3 pillar after the first train.

-And another three at the end of the subway tunnel, just above the bend.

-Try to kill as many mutants as possible. There may be many yet it's much easier than trying to outrun them and realizing after committing that it's going to be impossible. Duck and shoot to kill the crawling ones, knife as many as possible on the walls, and shoot whatever moves besides you. It's worth the effort.

-Towards the end of the mutant area shoot the ceiling for another P.O.W. (slightly to the right of where I was; around the middle of the hole in the wall) for Armour Piercing tank bombs.

-Shoot up above the middle sewer drain in the boss area to release another hostage to return your tank bombs to normal + 10.


-Free a prisonner from the sign.

-Don't miss the dangling feet for another much-needed power-up.

-Anything else I either forgot or more probably don't know about:
Special thanks to Magnaflux, Kiselgof, Takumaji, lithy, Crash Test, flakez, as well as SNK for such a tremendous game.