There was a time when you could wear your love.

NEO·GEO hats, visors, bandanas and anything else for your head.
NEO·GEO t-shirts (you were expecting button-ups?). Polo shirts included.
NEO·GEO jackets, hooded jumpers and other overclothes.
NEO·GEO lapel pins, pin butons, chains and other worn decorations.
NEO·GEO ... everything that doesn't fit into the above categories!
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Submissions are happily accepted and encouraged! Pretty much anything worn on or used by the body is welcome for inclusion here (shirts, hats, jackets, chains & pendants, official cosplay uniforms, towels, etc.).
Special thanks to: Turf, Massimiliano, Big Bruno, Skywaypro, nick_th_fury, 'Large' from & various auction sellers.
DISCLAIMER: These items are NOT for sale, this page is a museum, hence my accepting submissions.


As might well be expected, we begin with NEO·GEO hats.
The first hat was included with the NEO·GEO Collector's Box, both LD & VHS versions. The second one was officially sold in Germany through NEO·GEO Club magazine -the country's official guide to the system.
The original Fatal Fury hat? Possibly. Next is a generic Fatal Fury hat.
"Fuzzy-type" Fatal Fury 2 hat
Fatal Fury Special hats. Probably the most widely produced of them all.
I can't believe I sold this, but I did! The metal Terry Bogard hat, based off the anime movie.
Fatal Fury 3 hats, perhaps the most famous of all! First the "fuzzy type", then contrasted against the normal type.
Now we have a fairly generic King of Fighters hat. Not sure about the choice of colour.. Next though, what can I say? Why not a hat for the best fighter ever. 1P or 2P colours available.
A Road’s Edge hat. Glad someone thought of promoting Hyper 64 games. Followed by a Samurai Shodown Ⅱ hat. Yes, it's an English one! Cheer for some Pocket headgear too.
If you didn't know, in the early-mid 90's SNK supported Team Shinsuke, a Japanese super bike racing team. Various items were produced in support, such as this hat and visor.
A video game bandana. You saw it here first. Okay so this is based off the original but try thinking of Magical Drop without thinking of the NG. Just to show the NEO won't be outdone though, it certainly had bandanas for its own software!


100 Mega Shock, NEO·GEO! Dogtag shirt. Bigger Badder Better. Better still if unfaded! Lastly, a general SNK shirt. Think these are from the late 90's in half a dozen colours, but don't hold me to that.
Bigger Badder Better shirt. Sold through the European SNK newsletter.
More international attire. These shirts were also sold through the German NEO·GEO Club magazine.
Hyper 64 shirt. Next, a Terry Bogard shirt. Don't think this is actually game-specific per se. Lastly, the 1 year anniversary shirt for SNK's longest-lasting periodical.
2002 SNK shirt set, available at NEO·GEO World. I personally picked up a bunch of them from the Esaka location so that’s the only one I can speak of from experience. Athena, Nakoruru, Chang, Terry & Iori.
Fatal Fury 2... anime OAV shirt featuring who else but Mai!
Fatal Fury Special shirts. Insofar as I know, these were packaged randomly inside the box you see below and were drawn out of UFO catcher machines.
There's even a full-colour one courtesy of Gamest.
Fatal Fury 3 shirts too.
Art Of Fighting 2 shirts. Believe this is all of them, and yes they all bear the same text.
The King of Fighters '96 shirt. Second to that, a King of Fighters baby top. Hard to tell but looks maybe '96/'97-ish.
The King of Fighters '98 shirts. Any other colours out there?
The King of Fighters '98 tank top and '98 Iori shirt.
The King of Fighters 2000 t-shirt. Anyone else ever wish white shirts would die? Then The King of Fighters XII shirt. Now this is an improvement.
Magical Drop 2 shirts. The first one is possibly in commemoration of being voted the AOU 1996 puzzle game of the year.
Samurai Shodown shirt. The original one from Gamest. Samurai Shodown Ⅱ shirt. Weird cross between English & Japanese titles there. Another Samurai Shodown shirt. By the artwork I'm guessing SSⅣ.
And here are two of the three Asra Zanmaden shirts. Incidentally, the third one is red.
US NEO·GEO national tournament shirts, or so says the picture. Sengoku 3 shirt. Another English one. I'm just as surprised as you to see this here.
World Heroes 2 shirts. Mudman is sure to improve your looks. World Heroes 2 Jet shirt. Bet you forgot how popular this series used to be. See! Even a World Heroes Perfect shirt.
NEO·GEO Pocket shirts: Polo, t- and golf.
Team Shinsuke shirts. First is a guest shirt for the 1993 Suzuka 8-hour race. Secondly is the Team Shinsuke Last Run shirt. SNK stopped sponsoring them in 1995, making this the last SNK-Shinsuke shirt. Finally, a Shinsuke polo shirt.
NEO·GEO Hyper Bowling shirt. 1000% kickass. That is all.
For the Neo's 20th anniversary, several more pieces of apparel were commissioned, starting with a revision of the 100 Mega Shock t-shirt and a 20th anniversary tee.
And one each for Fatal Fury + Fatal Fury 2.
Moving on to Samurai II.
And finally Samurai IV.
Going a bit character-specific now, we have King of Fighters '95 Mai; Samurai Shodown II Cham Cham and series stalwart Nakoruru.

Jackets and other over-clothes.

Be a champion!
Following the ice-breaker, we have a windbreaker. Curiously the white & coloured areas are reversed on the second one. At this point I can't recall if I saw another one with a colour scheme which matches the red one.
And then the best jacket ever (speaking of the blue version of course!), despite the spelling mistake on such an expensive piece of clothing.
Iori Yagami parka. From KOF '96 I think.
NEO·GEO CD Live Tour Ⅱ jacket. Wear it to work.
Magical Drop 2 (or Ⅲ?) Fool's Cat hooded jumper.
Probably the most bizarre thing you will see here. A Stakes Winner 2 apron! I did not make this up! Unless it's old-fashioned Chinese underwear or some kind of jockey vest or something.. Oh and if anyone ever finds this, let me know.
Staff jumper, or so it was labelled, but tacky as f#@% plastic windbreaker or something would be more appropriate methinks. What else to expect from Playless?
NEO·GEO 100 Mega Shock hooded jumper. Don't ask about the model -I have no idea and don't want to know. Okay, I finally updated it with more pictures.
SNK Advanced Entertainment System STAFF jacket. In spite of the English text the front still bears the Japanese NG logo, so we can safely call it an SNK Japan jacket.
Official Nakoruru cosplay uniform by Costume Garden.
Official Kyo Kusanagi gloves from Cospa.

Lapel pins, pin butons, chains and other decorative wear.

NEO·GEO pin button. Looks like this one was an early US release from SNK Home Entertainment, Inc.
Art of Fighting pins. Definitely made by SEGA as NG merchandise as the Genesis port didn't come until much later. I have only ever seen what you see below: Ryo, Robert, John Crawley, King and the AOF logo.
The King of Fighters '96 Pins Set. It seems like every team was available for individual purchase, although the complete set (I think including boss characters) was also available via two larger sheets of pins, much like the Samurai IV and Waku Waku 7 ones further below. I seem to have lost my photo of the one I had…
The King of Fighters '97 pins. So far we know there's Blue Mary, Yamazaki, Kyo, Iori, Yashiro and Orochi. If you know anything about the series they're from or how they were packaged or sold, please let me know!
The King of Fighters '97 Leona dog tag. Certainly unique and pretty awesome.
The King of Fighters '98 pin buttons. The King of Fighters EX Neo Blood pin is gigantic and would cover most of your face.
Samurai Shodown IV Pins Set. Actually includes the entire roster, even the bosses! Evidently some if not all characters could also be purchased individually, though how many and which ones if not all, I can't say.
Here we have a Samurai Shodown Asra Zanmaden pin button, which is exceedingly hard to find. The Nakoruru pin is a complete mystery to me so any info is of course much appreciated. The Cham Cham pin, being from 1997, is probably from the Samurai Shodown RPG.
Magical Drop III pins! Honestly anything about this game is exciting. In all these years I have only seen the two below of Lovers and the clown Pierrot.
Waku Waku 7 Pins Set. That's the complete set right there. At least some if not all of them were sold individually.
Double Dragon chain & pendant. This pendant was only for the first 100 people to 1-credit the Neo CD version of Double Dragon and then write in to Technos Japan with the confirmation code. The chain is about 24" long.

Everything else I plan on showcasing here.

Garou: Mark of the Wolves towels. Simply beautiful. Unrolled over a 12" ruler in the second image. The ChiChi towel from Shinohken is presumably hand-sized. Any bets on there being a NeNe towel out there too?
Samurai Shodown Rokuban Shoubu towels. Think they are hand towels, not full-size.
Metal Slug XX Hyakutarou Ichimonji boxer shorts. Not the first instance of video game undies (anyone remember the FFS boxers?) but hopefully the last.
More 20th anniversary stuff. First, a neckstrap. Second, a phone carrying case.