To any and all contributors:
The basic guidelines for submitting a photo here are fairly simple:
-Any size is fine, the bigger the better but enormous is not necessary.
-Please have the booklet cover & CD facing up, such as this.
-Survey cards are pretty generic items which have seen very little change over the years and which more or less but not quite always were included with CD's. Given that they're nothing really unique or very important, if you're missing that from you picture(s) I don't care.
-Generally I would like to host only complete pictures but since that's getting to be a difficult ask, I will host whatever I can until the type of photo I prefer comes along.
-How do you know if your sountrack is complete? Well Japanese literacy helps quite a lot. Failing that you can always ask me as I pretty much have this database all in my head.
-What if the spine of your spinecard is faded, such as this? I'll host it until a better image becomes available.
-Speaking about complete sets, how do you differentiate between first-press & generic bonus items? This can often though not always be given away by the spinecard. Example. Note how on the first-press spinecard, there is some extra text advertising the fact. That entire block of text is missing on the 2nd press. Usually it's the older ones (pre-'96) which only had one pressing that packed in some kind of extra in all copies of the album.
Credit will be given (unless you instruct me not to) under whatever name you give me.

Finally, I watermark all my own photos or those which were directly contributed. If you're sending a photo not yours please tell me so I won't watermark it. So yes, you can submit photos from other people's auctions and I'll take them since the point is to make this archive complete.

If you have photos (maybe on your own web site) which you don't mind me using but don't want me watermarking, let me know. That's fine, the watermarking is mainly there to promote the page in the hopes that it can reach more contributing parties.